North Wales Police Officer Turns Up For Duty Rotten Drunk

A member of The Mob, PC Neil Bebbington, 48 of Buckley, turned up to work at St Asaph HQ rotten drunk; the legal limit to drive is 35mg, Neil’s breath reading was over double that amount and gave a reading of 80mg. What I find quite strange is that they tried to keep it all hush-hush and the ‘paedophile post’ never reported it in their paper.

He was banned at Llandudno magistrates for 18 months and fined £500, how convenient that he got off with it so lightly, being a very small fine. As you all know readers of the blog, just very recently Wayne Rooney was banned, fined and given community work. Why didn’t Neil Bebbington get community work?

Was it the good old magistrates being lenient with him and his profession again? Did the magistrates not think that this man is in a position of trust, could you imagine if he worked with the ARV (armed response vehicle)? It wouldn’t be good a drunken man in charge of firearms or even working on day-to-day duties in HQ, where there is some very sensitive material, a drunken lout in charge of that is very frightening.

On his arrest, he was reported to be aggressive with other officers and argumentative. I find it quite strange that he remains suspended while the matter is investigated by Professional Standards; Detective Superintendent John Hanson will now consider the case as part of their internal disciplinary process.

It’s very simple, he’s been convicted of drink-driving which is a very serious offence then he should be sacked immediately and his pension taken from him. We will have to wait and see what John Hanson’s report has to say.

We could do with NWP traffic officers sitting at the roundabout at St Asaph business Park, breathalysing a lot more of the staff that work there.

Remember this is the same police station where PC James Clarke who raped a woman worked, the same police station where PC Martyn Parmley who was sacked for going on the PNC, worked. The same police station where PC Andy Gill was sacked from the force for going on the police computer not for policing purposes and the same police station, St Asaph, that fitted me and my wife up, stole money from me, as well as the £350,000 they took off us under the proceeds of crime act, the mortgage fraud was a victimless crime.

Remember DC Don Kenyon works here and he said police officers don’t tell lies, Superintendent John Chapman, I want my money that went missing.

This force is the worst in the country, they think they can do what they like; we can only hope that the Prime Minister Theresa May orders an investigation into North Wales Police. They are laughing at the tax payers, because it is you the public that foots the bill and when I show you on the next post how much money they have spent on me, you will be shocked when you see the invoices.

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6 thoughts on “North Wales Police Officer Turns Up For Duty Rotten Drunk

  1. Yep, I noticed it wasnt in the daily post too Mr Creamer. I thought that was very strange (I have sent you an e-mail). Why would the regional press not report on such a major news scoop? They are a puppet paper for North Wales Police. They have been told to keep it quiet…… all hush hush. Everyone else who this disgusting paper prey on would have appeared on the front page with a mug shot or a photo they had managed to snap from their hidden vehicles with their zoom-in lenses, covertly taken without their prey even knowing, until it appears on the front page.

    It’s all part and parcel of the “funny handshake” brigade.

    The justice system is corrupt. It’s who you know or how much money you can afford to “buy the right outcome”.

    So, if you’re an intelligent toff whose family are loaded then you can buy your unduly light sentence. If this was anyone from a working class background with no money to spare to “buy the right outcome”, then most definitely a lengthy jail sentence would be imposed.

    The laws in North Wales only apply to some of us, but not all. It depends on who you are and whether officer are holding a grudge against you. When this is the case, they have a bottomless pit (aka tax payers funds) to wage their vengeance. This is probably not confined to North Wales Police no doubt, but nationwide within forces.

    It’s if your face fits. One way or another (as Blondie would put it) they’re gonna getcha, getcha, getcha.

    Oh, and don’t complain about it – that will be like a red rag to a bull.

    One way or another, they’re gonna getcha.

  2. What an absolute disgrace a police officer pissed as a newt going to work, was Neil bebbington one of these officers that went around schools talking at awareness courses on the dangers of drink driving etc what a plonker!

  3. Very frightening indeed Mr Creamer if he has or does work with the armed response unit, a drunken man in charge of a firearms hmmmmm…………

  4. John Hanson must be ashamed of his colleagues I wonder what big nose Ian Verburghs opinion is on Neil Bebbington I wonder will these two let him keep his pension , there report will be interesting.

  5. The “Disgusting Post” refuse to report on the convicted North Wales Police Officer Neil Bebbington’s drink driving offence despite it being, by anybody’s standards , a major area news story and is in the public interest. Driving to work blind drunk placing other motorists in grave danger. He should be sacked and striped of his cushy pension. No wonder public confidence in North Wales Police and their lack of law enforcement is zilch.

    However, these dispicable vile vultures at the “Dispicable Post” have no hesitation whatsoever in publishing coverage today on another convicted drink driver.

    Where is the “Disgusting Posts” equity and impartiality? No guess who controls this good for nothing toilet rag.

    They make me want to “taflu yfunny” (vomit).

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