Welsh Senior Police Officer Caught Having Sex with Solicitor at Cockett Police Station!!

Detective Inspector Ricky Price, 42 was caught at Cockett Police Station with a family lawyer Rachel Pudner also 42, they were caught in a very compromising position.

It really makes you think when a member of the public is at the police station and you’re told your lawyer is on the way, the solicitor comes to see you in an interview room and then says “I just need to go and look at what evidence they have got” and goes to speak to the officer handling the case it makes you think does she say “do you want red or white lingerie today?” the lawyer goes missing for half an hour, comes back and says case has been NFA’d (NO FURTHER ACTION).

This could also work for the police, if they want the client bad enough, she could come back and say plea to a lesser charge. Welsh police seem very highly sexed, certainly in North Wales with the amount of sex crimes brought against the police.

4 in 10 North Wales cops worry about money every day and almost all think they should be paid more, a new research conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales reveals that more police officers than ever before are seriously concerned about their finances.

Mark Jones, the general secretary of North Wales Police Federation said “this research must shock who ever forms the next government into action, every day police officers go to work to protect and serve the public to the best of their ability they deal with enough stress and trauma at work and it is scandalous they are being put in the position where they are having to deal with anxiety caused by money worries when they get home”.

Mark Jones, does this give officers the right to come to work intoxicated? Your officers have been convicted for drink-driving, rape, grooming children, animal cruelty, going on the police national computer for non-policing purposes, theft, criminal damage, stalking, fraud, the list is endless, so your officers commit these crimes because they want more money.

What about our poor doctors and nurses? Hospitals are stretched to breaking point. We don’t see paramedics, nurses and the fire service committing these atrocious crimes that North Wales police have committed.

Mark Jones, please bear in mind how would a police officer feel if you stole £350,000 off him and sent him to prison for a victimless crime, that’s what North Wales police did to me, do I go out to commit crimes? No.

Finally, if you read this blog in the next couple of days, you’ll have a very interesting read concerning what a North Wales police officer has been getting up to.

Please read the link below where these two were bang at it:



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