The Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 3

Just to let you know, Dylan Moore, Nigel ‘7 bellies’ Roberts’ solicitor, from David Jones’ practice and a contributor towards the Thoughts of Oscar blog was secretly recorded, in this recording you will hear Dylan Moore talking about his own client (Dylan Moore has since been reported to the law society), saying that Nigel ‘7 bellies’ passed information on to North Wales Police.

Who would want a solicitor like that, who would throw you to the wolves?

Maybe that’s why Superintendent Simon Humphreys looked after ‘7 bellies’?

Ken Finch, Director of Conwy County Borough Council and every Councillor must be livid with North Wales Police, I remember talking to Councillor/JP Graham Rees and him telling me they had been to the police, asking them who ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ was?

They were told the same, “we don’t know who it is”….LIARS!!!

Members of the public, just think of how much Council Tax goes towards the police and also the tax payers money and then when the local authority ask for help off the police, they got told bare faced lies, every Councillor, members of staff were slagged off on the poison pen blog and MP’s were also slagged off, apart from one, guess who!??

The only MP who wasn’t slagged off was David Jones, who fiddled his expenses, because he, Dylan Moore and ‘7 bellies’ were all behind the evil blog.

Why did North Wales Police protect this site?

They are all running scared and want to leave town now. Nigel wants out, rumour has it David Jones is getting ill with it and Dylan Moore can’t cope, no doubt Simon Humphreys will be told to retire with his pension.

We’ll deal with Ruby and Janet Finch Saunders again.

I think the Chief Constable of North Wales Police needs to address this major issue and apologizese to the council for letting them down, lying to them, lying to members of the public.

North Wales Police used that poisonous site to help convict me.

I would also like to know from the Chief Constable, how they came up with a trumped up charge of mortgage fraud when there was no complainee and nobody suffered any loss?

Apologize please Chief Constable, I’m not stopping until I get answers.

How come David Jones fiddled his expenses of over £80,000, paid it back and doesn’t get prosecuted??

I couldn’t pay anybody back because I didn’t owe anybody any money!!!


4 thoughts on “The Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 3

  1. Well put Michael, so glad you found out about David Jones, dylan moore, nigel roberts, and our corrupt police force. You are right mr creamer we do pay TAX!!! we also pay council TAX. I can only imagine how north Wales councillors must be feeling with NORTH WALES POLICE ANGRY AND CHEATED. CONWY POLICE YOU ARE A DISGRACE.

  2. Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL. 07977928434

    If anyone would like to discuss what I’ve said on this blog, feel free to phone me on the mobile telephone number above or come and see me.

  3. Michael I see you have put your address and telephone number up. I don’t think people will phone you or come to see you as they are subordinate to you.

  4. Ken Finch is a member of the police authority committee …..previously acpo….all the same members, just a different company name. Along with Anna Humphries who is now working in the office of the police commissioner (y the job was created for her is anyones guess) Also a director of the Victoria club in craig y don with pete dubbins. In fact he has his finger in many pies just like the rest of them. And this is the strangest one……he was the only committee member on the board of a children,s nursery that was set up as a charity, and legally requires 5/6 people who are to be made up of parents of the children at the nursery/playgroup. Yet he was a 60 ish yr old man with no obvious connection to the nursery, and the nursery manager was no were to be seen ….. I was told by him, she was on secondment…….secondment for and to were? this was a standalone business……… so, only mediocre trained staff certainly no one to question his authority over anything……. I was FORCED by Philip Kentish of JW Hughes solicitors to place my son in this nursery. The committee was then set up and Alexandra Thomas (American lady) who had a foster son at the nursery took charge of the chair…… she was also connected to CCC and recently wrote the paper on the effects on children whos “MOTHERS” are sent to jail. Its all very deep and dark to me.

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