The Mob’s Obsession Continues

When I first started courting my girlfriend then known as Anita Hughes, I’ll be careful how I choose my words here, because there aren’t many ladies in Conwy, but she is a lady and one in a million, The Mob decided to phone Anita’s Mum and Dad’s house (Sandra & Gary Hughes) and said to her parents ‘are you aware that your daughter is going out with Michael Creamer?’ they then told them to keep her away from me.

Who the hell do you think you are, phoning Anita’s parents up like that???

You were obsessed with Michael Creamer then and this obsession has lasted years.

Well, North Wales Police, I’m still here with Anita nearly 30 years later, with 3 beautiful children but not content with targeting me, you then turned your sights to my wife and children.

You will read later on in this blog about what The Mob did to Anita Creamer, stitching her up and sending her to prison for 2 years, me for 4 years & 2 months and then our eldest son for 7 years.

I’d like to say thanks for the many emails and telephone calls of support that we’ve had and that the comments that have been left on here are much appreciated…..please keep them coming!


7 thoughts on “The Mob’s Obsession Continues

  1. Its sounds like your the krays michael. I wonder if the london met phoned ronnie and reggie krays partners parents up and informed them about who they were going out with!!!!!!! NORTH WALES POLICE ARE OBSESSED WITH YOU MR CREAMER ABSOLUTELY OBSESSED.

  2. Mick I witnessed what went on while you were young if I can help in any way please contact me about time they were brought to account for what they have done all the best Wayne

  3. Michael you and anita are solid together and stronger than the scum think . you are a law abiding citizen and the ones in uniform are the bullys and crooks

  4. Let’s get this straight. It is not just the North Wales Police, this sort of treatment is endemic throughout the Police Force as a whole.

  5. Michael I have spoken to many of your friends, long term friends and short term friends. they find this site interesting, truthful and accurate. all of your friends are frightened to leave a comment as they are in fear for their lives as they don’t trust north wales police aka the mob. let me remind people, the most famous comment on freedom of speech was voting. what the translation of what he said was. I am disgusted by what you say, but I will fight to the death, for your right to say it. he said that of course in a context in a ferocious attack on freedom of speech, but the reason he said it was free speech of itself is incredibly important no matter how stupid how distasteful no matter how irritating we are going towards a society where people are afraid to SPEAK.

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