Short Lived!!!

I had a few meetings with different Inspectors over 17 years ago regarding the harassment from North Wales Police.

Inspector Tom Bell and Inspector Chris Warner reassured me this harassment would stop but sadly it was short lived.

Read the letter for yourselves that I sent to the Chief Superintendent, L.J Davies.



2 thoughts on “Short Lived!!!

  1. Short lived indeed Michael. I would like to know what guto bebb thinks about our leaning tower of pisa police force…

  2. Chief constable of north Wales Police. I will be writing a letter to you asking for an explanation of how much money you have wasted on one man Michael creamer. I urge anyone else to do the same. Its up to you chief inspector tell the public on here how much nwp have spent, as we have the right to know, YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT????????????????.

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