Police Officer Caught on CCTV Kicking and Punching Schoolboy

West Midlands Police have suspended an officer after it is alleged unnecessary force was used as he was trying to detain a schoolboy and now a second violence claim has been made against him.


The police officer was filmed in a violent alteration with a 15-year-old schoolboy in an alleyway in Newtown, the officer can be seen on video punching and kicking the teenager during a stop and search. It has now come to light that the officer seen in the video kicking the schoolboy is also accused of assaulting a man the previous day who was stopped under suspicion of being on a stolen bike, both incidents are now being investigated by the IOPC, the police watchdog.

The officer involved has been removed from frontline duties; this sick and vile pig is not safe to police our streets.

Members of the public, if your son came home and told you he had been kicked and punched like a ragdoll by a police officer you probably wouldn’t believe him but luckily for this lad it was all caught on CCTV.

Please watch the video below

No Badge, No Courage

Protect and serve

Ex-Cop PC 1352 Dave Parminter who was stationed at Conwy was a known bully, I witnessed this for myself he brought a charge against me for a public order offence the silly man never turned up for court the case was thrown out. The bully Parminter brought shame on the force after all his antics and then gets prosecuted for drink driving and guess what, he’s now changed his name to Dafydd Parminder; his parents must be utterly ashamed of this as they christened him David Parminter.

Dafydd no longer wants anyone to recognise him now he hasn’t got a badge and he can’t bully people anymore, no badge no courage.

PC Parminter


4 thoughts on “Police Officer Caught on CCTV Kicking and Punching Schoolboy

  1. Shocking no wonder the youth of today have no respect for the police , I’m a mother and naive I just didn’t think this behaviour went on!!!!!!

  2. Mark tyleddyn Jones ex cop you see his nose long before he arrives and the other ex cop David Parminter both sharing the same woman the thin blonde haired woman who works for the fire service ,what did she see in them pair of ugly ducklings ?? 🐤🐤🐤

  3. Dafydd Parminder talks a load of shite look him up on fb……….still likes a drink or two . Hes always talking about Andy Collis and how much he hates him, maybe because Collis is still a cop. Dafydd your a nob ha ha ha ha!!!

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