PC Dicks Sucked the Sergeant’s Dick in a Welsh Police Station

A female police officer Jemma Dicks aged 28, is to keep her job despite having on duty sex games with a married sergeant Adam Reed 40, these two were found to have committed gross misconduct after it was revealed PC Dicks had performed oral sex on her superior on at least three occasions at Cardiff Central Police Station.

PC Dicks was experiencing very difficult family circumstances at the time following the death of her father who was also a police officer, this is what she said at the hearing. I think she ought to be ashamed of herself using her father’s death as an excuse we have all lost loved ones but didn’t behave in this manner. She had no respect at all for her job or more importantly her father.

What is it with our Welsh police forces, have they no control?  They will do it anywhere, in the police station, in police vehicles, in other people’s houses all whilst on duty.

I wonder what DC 2313 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport have to say about this please read the link below



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