PC 1352 Dave Parminter ‘child bully’ Sprayed On Council Offices

When 1352 Dave Parminter was stationed at Conwy approximately 20 years ago, he was the community beat officer, at that time a new initiative was brought in by The Mob, known as a ‘Dispersal Order’ and any young youths walking around our beautiful, historic town of Conwy, if they were seen in a group of more than 2, the bully Parminter would split them up and some youths would be banned from being within the town walls of Conwy for 24 hours, some he would ban for a week.

This was causing great problems, as some of the youths couldn’t go and see grandparents, or go into the local shops or onto the quayside, so what the youths were doing was to go into Bodlondeb, all congregating by the Council offices, some of the youths were under-age and would sit in the park drinking alcohol, it became laughable, where else could they go?

PC Parminter

The bully Dave Parminter, would sneak up on the youths and would steal the beer, he also gave a few of them sly kicks and slaps, the youths at that time didn’t know Parminter himself had a drink problem. Not bad when you think about it, getting paid a Policeman’s salary and getting free beer off the kids, the kids were told it had been confiscated and was getting taken back to Conwy Police Station, how do we know what went to the police station and what went to his house?

The kids would go again the following week, buy alcohol and then get it taken off them by Parminter, eventually Bodlondeb Council Offices were sprayed with graffiti such as ‘PC 1352 Dave Parminter is a child bully’ and other nasty comments that were sprayed all over the building, pictures were taken by North Wales Weekly News and the Daily Post and it was published in the papers.

Now what is interesting, one day I got a telephone call from Phil Rafferty, who was head of licensing for the pubs and taxis and at that time I had a taxi business, during the call with Phil, he asked me to call over to the town hall to see him, he wouldn’t discuss the matter on the phone, so I agreed to go and see him.

On my way over I thought it must be a matter to do with the taxis, when I arrived at the town hall, Phil’s secretary took me up to his office, where I was greeted with coffee and biscuits, I thought this looks promising, once me and Phil were in the room on our own, Phil said “Michael, I’m asking you a big favour on behalf of myself and Ken Finch, Director of Aberconwy Council, he explained in great detail how Ken Finch treated Bodlondeb like his own baby and went on to say about the graffiti and criminal damage that had occurred, he said he also knew Dave Parminter had been giving a few of the local youths a kicking & a slap and after a long discussion, he said it’s going to cost thousands of pounds to get this all cleaned off, but we are scared it will happen again”.

I said to him “Why are you telling me all this Phil?”, he asked if I could talk to the perpetrators to make sure it doesn’t happen again, I said to “Phil, you should be talking to The Mob, he said I’ve had meetings with the Inspector, he said we have got no CCTV and we don’t know who it is”, he went on to say that this happened because of the way Dave Parminter has been treating these kids, again he went on to say if you could get this sorted we will owe you a big favour.

I agreed with Phil and said “I will see what I can do”, I went to speak to the people involved with the graffiti and asked them to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I reported back to Phil Rafferty and assured him that the people responsible for this would not be doing it again. Phil thanked me and said we owe you big time for this and that was the end of the matter, Phil did mention to me that he had discussions with the bosses and Dave Parminter will be getting stationed somewhere else.

Phil Rafferty sadly passed away a couple of years ago, he was a very nice fella and I used to pick him and his wife up in my taxi on their nights out.

Phil after that incident, did phone me up one day and said Michael “I may be able to return that favour”. At the time the Albion pub was attracting a lot of bad publicity for whatever reasons, I couldn’t really care less, as Phil was head of licensing, he said they were looking to revoke the licence of the Albion pub in Conwy, I said “Why are you telling me that, if you’re going to do it, then do it”. Phil said “I’m giving you the heads up, I don’t want to do it, it’s your pub isn’t it? I’m returning the favour”.

I said “Phil, stop listening to gossip, it’s not my pub and I’ve never had any interest in the Albion whatsoever” he said “I’m shocked, I was led to believe it was your pub”, again I said “It’s not my pub and you still owe me a favour”, I asked him who told him that rubbish and it turned out it was Batman & Robin, Dave Parminter & Steve Carroll, I said “That doesn’t surprise me, they’re both obsessed with me”, Phil went on to say sorry to disturb you, have a nice day.

I’ve told you, readers of this blog, Dave Parminter, Steve Carroll & Dave Gardner and a few other members of The Mob as you can see for yourselves, they are obsessed with me.

There are lots more stories to come on these 3 members of The Mob.


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PC 1352 Dave Parminter ‘child bully’ Sprayed On Council Offices

  1. Parminter knicking the youngsters beer then drinking it himself no wonder he’s an alcoholic.

  2. Who was serving the kids in Conwy? Why didn’t Parminter do what he was paid for and investigate who was serving alcohol to the underage youths? Or was the person serving the kids, taking their money, then giving Parminter the heads up so he could go and ‘confiscate’ the booze?

  3. i remember steve carroll and parminter being in conwythe pair of them thought they were great, carroll was knocking the barmaid off from behind the bar in the blue bell, and parminter was going with a girl from the albion trying to get their leg over and get information 2 bent coppers hiding behind their badges

  4. Yes they both thought the uniform gave them special powers. And Steve Carroll and the rest of north wales police were all well aware of par interns drink problem, his breakfast would be 4 cans of special brew.

  5. He never got done (George) bcos Sgt Carroll used to tip him off.
    Sgt Steve Carroll had his favourites, like Pete “chippy” and others who he got favors from, and he also had his Targets like Mick and Myself for no other reason other than jealousy. And being a long term recipient of Sgt Steve Carroll’s obsession, it Can only be described as psycopathic behaviour. And this is who we are suppose to look to as a pillar of the community.

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