Why Pay SKY £75 Callout Charge?? When You Can Call Garry Sky

Michael Garry Plumb known to people in the Aberconwy area as Gary Sky; Michael Plumb used to work for Crossville buses as a bus driver and not a good driver at that, he once crashed his bus into to a local solicitor Don Roberts from JW Hughes and co. Michael Plumb likes to think he’s a jack of all trades yet is a master of none, he is now advertising in local magazines as Garry Sky, Digital Aerial and Satellite Installation, I’m just trying to warn the local community to be very careful of this man.

Garry Sky

Let’s look at his flyer as advertised in a local magazine:

Garry Sky

He has the audacity to undermine SKY by saying “why pay SKY’s £75, when you can call Garry Sky?” How dare he steal SKY’s name, advertise himself as Garry Sky,is using a personal customer SKY email address to make it look like he’s officially part of SKY and has Garry Sky written all over his van, this must be a breach of copyright surely? There’s no point contacting John Donnelly head of Trading Standards at Colwyn Bay, remember readers of the blog he doesn’t answer his phone on a Friday afternoon, so what I’ve done myself is made a complaint to SKY mobile case team, I was given the lady’s identity number CHM90, the full facts have been given about Michael Plumb trading as Garry Sky, hopefully he won’t be trading much longer under this name. He’s a devious little bugger, I wonder if Sugar Tits has subscribed to the real SKY for the football she is receiving in the drug den, The Maelgwyn?

If you do call Michael Plumb to install your SKY satellite, just to be very careful when letting him into your home as some serious allegations have been made about him and as you all know he’s heavily built and overweight too. He has been known to break a few slates whilst on the roof so once you’ve paid him for the work he’s carried out, you will need a roofer to fix the damage he’s caused on your roof. Michael Plumb, can you please give the materials back that you borrowed a while ago from another TV satellite installer from the Conwy area, this installer does not wish to be named but Mr Plumb can you please return the items, much appreciated.

Also, Mr Plumb, should you see me on the Maelgwyn carpark taking pictures of your van and registration number, the fraud department from SKY asked me could I get them and send them the details. I would just like to point out I didn’t work for SKY TV and never have, I’m just cooperating with them just like you did with North Wales Police, when you made statements, gave the DVD to the police and also gave evidence at Caernarfon Crown Court, your statement will be shown in a couple of days in the next post.

Can I just take you back to your flyer you say “I can fix most problems” let me tell you Michael, you have got a few problems to fix, take it from me you want to go around to your ex-wife’s and fix the spindles on the staircase Ohh!! that sent a shiver down your spine, remember what happened there this will be told too on the next post.

Now moving on to Sugar Tits and yourself, the council tells us Sugar Tits is the licensee and you’re just a handy man that hasn’t got a dog license, but you’re the head of PubSafe, the Mickey Mouse committee why is it Mr Plumb you’re telling the members of PubSafe not to look at my blog? how dare you tell them that using your bully boy tactics are you Michael, well they are not listening to you, they are all reading it and so are the police.

Inspector Ian Verburg, he told the police not to read it either, they are using their wives’ phones to read it, that’s the worst thing you can tell somebody, they will want to read it more, I couldn’t tell people in North Wales not to read the Paedophile Post.

I know PC Gary Cooper visits Sugar Tits pub on a regular basis, I sent him a text last week as you know Mr Plumb once a person is put on PubSafe by your Mickey Mouse committee, he or she should not enter any licensed premises in the Aberconwy area until their ban has finished; can you explain in your next meeting to the committee why you or Sugar Tits are letting banned people back into the pub and you telling them you’re okay to have a soft drink, you know the rules if you enter a pub whilst banned, you get a further 6 months, I’m not having a go at these people who’ve been banned that you have let back in, it’s not their fault, it’s yours or Sugar Tits.

This is the text sent to PC Gary Cooper and John Donnelly:-

Gary as you are the community beat officer for Llandudno junction something you may be interested in the picture I’ve sent is of a male who is currently on pub safe could you please explain to the pub safe committee as to why Gary sky has allowed this male into his pub telling him your ok for soft drinks. Gary sky should know better being the head of pub safe Gary is taking the piss out of the other licensees in Conwy could you please high light this in the next pub safe meeting I will forward you a video of this male with the time and date he was in the pub, so Gary sky can’t deny it, I’m not having a go at the lad who’s banned he’s edged his bet and Gary let him in thank you, Michael

I have edited the man’s face as it is not for all to see. The PubSafe committee and PC Gary Cooper have this picture, Sugar Tits and Mr Plumb have done this quite a few times, letting in people who are banned, just remember Garry Sky or whatever trading name you come under, when you give evidence in court you have got to be whiter than white and you’re certainly not.

I know young teenagers read this site, I’m trying to educate them to stay away from the public house called The Maelgwyn in Llandudno Junction as there is a lot of drugs passed around in that establishment because I am anti-drugs and drugs ruin lives, just remember teenagers say no to drugs and stay away from The Maelgwyn.


14 thoughts on “Why Pay SKY £75 Callout Charge?? When You Can Call Garry Sky

  1. He has made a complete show of pub safe looks Like the pub will be going and the aerial business how do they show their faces around here.

  2. I hope you have to give all the money back to sky Garry that you have falsely earned under their name, I’m so glad Michael creamer has pointed this out hope this gets you into trouble you horrible man………………..!!

  3. It’s common knowledge mick everyone knows you can buy Coke in the Mally and I don’t mean coca cola 😈😈😈😈😈

  4. Well done Mick, a very interesting and informative blog, there so much corruption around here, it’s sickening , I’m so glad that you are flushing them all out of their ivory towers, looking forward to the next episode, xxx

  5. Yesterday, the Conwy County Borough Licensing Facebook page posted about the PubWatch scheme, saying how the council and North Wales Police support the scheme but are not involved in the decision making process of who should be banned etc.
    I find this hard to believe that in such a close knit area as this, that there’s no influence put on publicans by the authorities to ban individuals as a way of exercising power and control over people away from the court system; In one of your previous posts Mick, you mentioned the case of Will who received a life ban at the age of 16 from entering public houses etc and how as an adult sought to overturn the ban, a fair request, this was granted and then rescinded a few days later, what a joke of a committee PubWatch must have.
    PubWatch smacks of being nothing more than a kangaroo court (defined as: an unofficial court held by a group of people in order to try someone, regarded especially without good evidence, as guilty of a crime or misdemeanour).
    I commented on the licensing facebook page yesterday 3 times saying that the PubWatch scheme was now a joke with a link to this blog post and 3 times my comment was taken down. Neither my comment nor this blog post were offensive, but it would seem that freedom of speech has been thrown out of the window along with the right to appeal a ridiculous life ban from the Kangaroo Court headed by Garry Plumb (his name’s not Sky & has no connection with that company despite his illegal use of their intellectual property).

  6. I have been on pub safe myself and I can confirm he also let me in the maelgwyn while I was serving a ban, if your face fits your ok.

  7. I hope and pray to god Sky TV prosecute the fake Garry Sky, let’s face it they prosecuted that lad who illegally downloaded the boxing, he got a huge fine Creamer I’m so glad you high lighted this…………watch this space!!!!!

  8. I can say with 100% certainty that the council and police definitely do influence pubsafe. Especially Conwy Licensing!!! Both put this condition on my premise licence otherwise I was told ” off the record, you won’t get your extended hours when you apply” For the record though, I didn’t join and never had a problem.. Just a thought, but do Marstons Brewery know that the house that comes in with the rent from the pub is being sub-let?

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