North Wales Police, The Dumbest Force in the UK

There are 43 police forces in the UK and North Wales Police must be the dumbest I’ll explain and show you why. During 2017 I was serving a custodial sentence for a POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) where the police stole £350,000 from me, in January of that year half a dozen officers accompanied a bailiff to my house where my daughter and son were living at the time.

The bailiff asked my children “is Miss Cooney in?”, they obviously replied “no Miss Cooney has ever lived at this address” but they did not believe them. My daughter had a female friend staying with her at the time both girls were asked to prove their ID, they both produced their passports to prove neither of them were Miss Cooney but that wasn’t good enough for the officers, they insisted they were coming in the house to search, they searched every room in the house including the swimming pool area and the garage before leaving.

This incident was reported to me while I was in prison, I told my family I will deal with it when I’m home. Once I was released, I contacted the bailiff’s office in South Wales Excel Enforcement, where the system they have won’t let you actually speak to anybody. I went in person to the court office in Llandudno spoke to a lady explaining in great length that half a dozen police officers attended my house, searching my property looking for a Miss Cooney who has never lived there. I also explained that I’ve never been bankrupt or owed anybody any money why has this bailiff come to my house?

Her reply was, we have been given a name and address either by Miss Cooney or the police, it’s then passed on to the bailiff and the bailiff have then instructed the police, I can’t help you any further yet after I made a complaint to the police, they said it was the bailiff that called us.

I got passed from pillar to post but I won’t be bullied by these people; time eventually passed and on September the 8th 2020 two police officers attended my house with a bailiff our electric gates were closed my wife spoke to the police and the bailiff out of the window she asked “can I help you” the police replied is this 4 Bangor Rd we are looking for a Mr Kenneth Cooney, my wife replied this is not 4 Bangor Rd and no Kenneth Cooney has ever lived here.

In September of last year I made a complaint to North Wales Police regarding this matter and explained the full facts and on September the 23rd at 16:45pm a Sergeant Radcliffe contacted me and I went through my complaints in full detail regarding the two incidents one in 2017 and the other in 2020, I explained to Sergeant Radcliffe your colleagues were looking for 4 Bangor Rd surely they must know where that is, she said I’m from Llandudno not Conwy, I explained to her “I’m not trying to insult you but if you were to walk out of Conwy police station stood in the square in front of the station, that’s called Lancaster square and the main road which runs alongside the police station is called Bangor Rd”.

“These officers that keep attending my house don’t they know how to work a sat nav to look for Bangor Rd?” Furthermore, before you go searching people’s houses don’t you think officers should have checked the electoral role and that would have told you where Mr and Miss Cooney actually lived or are you just obsessed with my house?

This is quite simple I’m now going to explain how to get to 4 Bangor Rd, come out of the police station follow the flow of traffic where Bangor Rd starts opposite the police station go through the arch stay on Bangor Rd, pass the council offices on your right, go past the fire station on your right, go under the railway bridge, The White House on your left, pass the Bryn Morfa caravan site on your right, turn left after the caravan site, follow the road down this is still Bangor Rd, on the right is Roland Youngs yard and Bangor Rd ends at the gates of the travellers site”.

“On the entrance to the site Mr and Mrs Clooney have a plaque on the fence with their name on it, I live about a mile from this site where the Cooney’s live”.

“Sergeant Radcliffe can you now explain why about 6 officers and a bailiff came to my house looking for Miss Cooney and later a Kenneth Cooney, my daughter as I explained showed her passport proving she wasn’t Miss Cooney, why did 2965 Martin Taylor want to search my house? (this is the same officer I complained about in January for blocking a cycle path with the police vehicle)”.

We are members of the public and we pay your wages, 6 officers who couldn’t work a sat NAV, couldn’t check the voters roll and were abusing my children, this is why you are the dumbest force in the UK and are costing taxpayers a fortune.

Once North Wales Police had the full facts and realised, they had made fools of themselves, they changed the story.

Read Inspector 1433 Chris Jolley’s findings below:




He says the bailiff calls the police because there could have been a breach of the peace but there wasn’t, my children were polite and calm, Inspector Jolley says the police were brought there to bring calmness to the incident but no one was arrested; they even say I was in jail for mortgage fraud at the time but I wasn’t and they say the complainant me Mr Creamer, has written to North Wales Police complaining about the incident, NWP in their report this was 4 years ago and some people involved have moved on or being promoted but when they prosecuted myself for mortgage fraud they went back 30 years, they found all the paperwork no problem and finally, in Chris Jolley’s report he doesn’t mention the police coming to my house a second time in 2020!

This report is a load of rubbish and nonsense, the police have been caught out and are now trying to back track. Finally, Mr & Mrs Cooney, I don’t know who you are and I have never spoken to you should you read this blog I am not having ago at you, I’m pointing out another f**k up by NWP.


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