North Wales Police Officer’s Son Ends Up In Court After Watching Manchester City Versus Swansea Football Match!!

A local police officer PC Richard Eccles of North Wales Police who was also once the Secretary of the North Wales Police Federation, his son Harry Eccles 21, from Conwy, North Wales has been charged with going on to the playing area at a football match between Manchester City and Swansea in the FA Cup quarter-final, City went on to win and Harry Eccles ran onto the pitch, Harry is due to appear at Swansea Magistrates Court on April 2nd, 2019.

I think the courts need to clamp down on this behaviour to protect the players, as you know a supporter was sent to prison a few weeks ago for punching a player on the field.

Harry Eccles has been asked to resign from his job, I’m sure North Wales Police will take him back as they don’t mind you working for them even if you have convictions; they never sacked Anja Macleod and her husband the dog beaters, there are many other officers working for North Wales Police with far worse convictions.

We all get excited when our football team wins, some more than others. Harry, you should’ve known better with the job you have and where your father works.

A police museum was opened in early 2011 and Gwyn Roberts was asking the public for any exhibits or any stories to share, please call Gwyn on 07720532585, I may call you later Gwyn to see if this story is of any interest to you.

Another name that keeps popping up everywhere, Superintendent Simon Humphries he was the officer who protected ‘7 Bellies’ a.k.a. Nigel Roberts and his blog “Thoughts of Oscar” Humphries is keen to stress the museum is for policing in North Wales, rather than North Wales Police.

Now please read the link below, where PC Richard Eccles is disciplined for encouraging officers to sign a petition against a road toll.


9 thoughts on “North Wales Police Officer’s Son Ends Up In Court After Watching Manchester City Versus Swansea Football Match!!

  1. PC Richard eccles corrupt cop. Harry eccles football hooligan ex cop. Keep up the fabulous work Mr Creamer. To many bent cops in north Wales. As a taxpayer who is responsible for recruiting bent cops.

  2. Michael John Creamer.
    4 Parc Waen, Conwy. LL32 8EL. Mobile: 07977928434
    email: Harry Eccles appeared at Swansea Magistrates Court today for running on the football pitch, during the Manchester City against Swansea match; he was given a conditional discharge an order made by a Criminal Court where by an offender will not be sentenced for an offence unless a further offence is committed within a stated period. He was also ordered to pay £85 court costs, he will probably get his job back now with North Wales Police, his Daddy Richard must have prepared a good reference for him, as we know North Wales Police do employ people with criminal records.

  3. Bent cops son gets away with conditional discharge laughable. Wait for duckenfield to get off to, over the hillsborough trial of lies.

  4. Harry you lived up to your fathers reputation her will have you signing petitions next your jobs safe. with NWP

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