Michael Creamer brings A55 To A Standstill Today!

I was travelling along the A55 today from Conwy to Liverpool, when I hit Halkyn, I could see in the distance 2 horse boxes on the A55 travelling eastbound (time approx. 1:30).

Vehicles and wagons were travelling at speed and going around the horse boxes, as I was travelling towards it, I had no time to think of the situation, as within seconds I was getting closer towards the horse box, I immediately turned my hazards on, drove in the middle of the 2 lanes, where I used a rolling road block, which is a method of temporary control.

The rolling road block closed both lanes of traffic on the A55 by using vehicles to create a gap so that constructive activities could be performed ie; move 2 horses to a place of safety. As I drove to the horse boxes, I spoke out of the window to one of the 2 males who had an Irish accent, because the traffic had now stopped, the horse that was on the floor injured, I could see it had cuts to its leg, the man managed to get the horse up, I shouted to him that ‘I will keep the traffic back, take the injured horse down the A55 as quickly as possible to the next junction’, which was approx. ¼ a mile away, which he did and the other male followed him with the other horse.

Once I could see they were at a place of safety, I started the traffic moving again and drove away slowly, until the traffic had built its speed back up, I saw 2 males with the 2 horses (the 2 horses looked beautiful, I believe they were either show horses or racehorses) at the junction and they waved to me and shouted thanks, because of the situation and it all happened so fast, I didn’t have chance to speak to the 2 males, so anybody travelling around Halkyn today at about 1:30 eastbound and joined a queue for a short time, my apologies but it was paramount that those horses and the men got to a place of safety and nobody was injured.

When I arrived at Liverpool I contacted 101 and explained the situation, the lady told me that I had come through to Merseyside Police and to stay on the line whilst she transferred me to North Wales Police, I was put through to the control room, explained the situation to another lady, she took my details, said it was recorded and said if we need to speak to you, we can check your reference, which comes under the time you’re speaking to me, the time 14.58 & the date 16/03/2016, Jane the 101 lady told me that they could view the CCTV as the A55 has cameras all the way along.

As I said I didn’t have much time to think, Anita was with me and another female, Anita videoed some of the incident on her mobile, there wasn’t much filmed but you can see what happened.

Halkyn A55

Previous posts regarding Superintendent Sacha Hatchett, where The Mob killed a dog, that post is self-explanatory, I’m not a trained police officer, I had no blue flashing lights on my car and I wasn’t travelling to an incident, where you knew what was ahead of you, I had no time to think but common sense prevailed.


14 thoughts on “Michael Creamer brings A55 To A Standstill Today!

  1. Very well done Mick, you clearly averted what could have been a disaster for the horse’s owner and of course the transporters (and the horse who would have possibly died if left down for too long) The consequences’ of what may have been if you hadn’t have shown up when you did doesn’t bare thinking about, it would be good to know who owns the horse, I’m sure they would be very grateful and want to thank you personally, they look like very expensive horses and obviously someone’s pride and joy, Is there any way you could put out an appeal to find out more about who the owners are , where they were going etc., I for one am very curious and would like to hear more on this, but one thing for certain , you applied far more aptitude and consideration to the situation than those who recently recklessly killed a dog on the A55. Again Well Done Mick, credit where it is due, not many would think as quickly as you did today to advert disaster and heartache.

  2. Well done Mr Creamer, putting your money where your mouth is so to speak and showing North WalesPolice how to protect and manage an animals on the carriageway situation, giving the men the time and space to move their horses to a place of safety.
    I’m sure the road was much busier during your video than it was at 3am when the poor dog was murdered.

  3. Sheriff Michael creamer brings the A55 to a halt. Last week N.W.P. couldn’t be bothered as they were tired, and they wanted to get back to the station to play cards and eat hasans kebabs. One dead dog, two safe horse’s you do the sums.

  4. creamer well done great operation your just making the police look bigger fools than what they are my old lady knows a retired copper he said they are moaning and constantly moaning to their bosses about the blog only because them bent ones that have been up to no good, they dont want their wives or children seeing their names appear on here, but they are ok being corrupt and when the public get into trouble and their names appear in the paper, do they care, do they hell. selfish they are.

  5. Next time you go for a drive Mick take a couple of the scum with you (police) and show them how they could have saved the dog, teach them how to do a rolling road block

  6. Mick I do hope north wales police have sent you a thank you letter. You should get an award from then. The police can’t carry out a rolling road block with all the tools they have available, yet you carried one out on your own. Fantastic work Mick. Do you agree Mr POLICEMON.

  7. i worked in the police, best thing i ever did was get out of there its drove me to drink, i could tell a few stories the corruption that went on!!!


  9. Don’t be bashful Graham tell us some stories, after all if it wasn’t for nwp you definitely wouldn’t have hit the bottle. Poor Graham look what the police have done to one of there own. North wales police SHAMELESS.

  10. What I’ve just read Michael creamer brings a55 to a standstill wonderful work. Mr creamer is making N.W.P. look like a laughing stock, or are they making themselves look stupid.

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