Ex-cop Mike Smith Never Attended Llandudno Magistrates Court Today – 18/12/19

Mike Smith never attended court today, it was asked in the court why was he late?

Mid-morning at around about 11:30, the court were informed by his solicitor that Mike was a serving police officer in this area and he feels there would have been a conflict of interest with the magistrate and they asked could it be adjourned and the case taken out of this area.

It has been adjourned until Monday 23rd December 2019, it’s now listed in the Queen Elizabeth Law Courts, Derby Square, Liverpool where he will have to attend.

I have to ask why/how the venue was changed at such short notice, was this orchestrated by Councillor Julie Fallon Smith (his wife) regardless, Mike Smith’s ex-boss who is employed by North Wales Police was waiting for him to arrive and she had not been informed of the change of venue, how disrespectful!

A mini bus has been booked to provide free transportation to the Liverpool hearing for all those concerned members of our community who attended Llandudno Magistrates today.

If Mr & Mrs Smith would appreciate a lift to Liverpool on Monday, please let me know 07977928434.

I’d like to thank the Usher at Llandudno Magistrates Court for being helpful and keeping us up to date with the proceedings. What a waste of the public’s money and valuable time for the 3 presiding magistrates.

Please read the link below about Ex-Superintendent Rob Kirman who pleaded guilty to fraud. Don Kenyon & Jason Davenport, you better go after him for a confiscation order (POCA), I am f*cking fuming how this man never went to jail, baring in mind he has a criminal record



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17 thoughts on “Ex-cop Mike Smith Never Attended Llandudno Magistrates Court Today – 18/12/19

  1. Hahahahaha – what a bloody Joke!! There are no words for how pathetic those two are – he will have had a ‘heart attack’ come Monday and won’t be able to attend at Liverpool or will have gone ‘missing’ – you watch this space!! It’s all smoke and mirrors!!

      1. 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL
        Mobile: 07977928434
        email: michaelcreamer@hotmail.co.uk
        Steve, your comment is much appreciated. You’re right, you would have only seen 1 person hanging around the court, that must have been yourself. You’re dead right I wasn’t there and if you read the last post properly, Mike Smith was in court on Wednesday, seems as if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
        Steve you’ve shot yourself right up the bum! Anyway if you fancy meeting up with me, my details are up above.
        Thanks again

  2. Judge Nick parry a funny hand shake at the lodge don’t worry kirman when you come to court you won’t be going to prison deal is already done ………..!!!!!!

  3. Jez hemming reporter from the daily post, pc Mike smith has made you look a right prick telling you he had been abused as a kid smoke screen Jez Mike knew he was getting investigated so decided to tell his story to get the sympathy vote from the public , to be fair it worked for a while. I read all his comments on his Fb them people must feel plonkers now, jez I just watched the video of you and him walking where the new lidl is being built.😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  4. Mr Creamer are you going to show the texts I sent you about 2 councillors having an affair???…………….I’m waiting patiently .

  5. I mean this certainly all begs into question why ‘members of the public’ would be so obsessive as to attend a court date for somebody for what reason again?? Sorry I’m just confused, are there not better things for you to be doing with your life than travelling to Liverpool for this?
    What’s laughable is the thought of all these sad people sat at home behind computers attacking people on the internet, do you not have families to care for or spend time with…

    1. 4 Parc Waen, Conwy, LL32 8EL
      Mobile: 07977928434
      email: michaelcreamer@hotmail.co.uk
      “You’re all laughable”, once again thank you for your comment, are you not watching Coronation Street or Emmerdale Farm?
      To me, you really seem a right little keyboard warrior I’m so glad that you’re interested and read my blog; if you’d prefer to discuss matters that concern you further, away from your keyboard, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, my details are above.
      Julie & Mike are supposed to be pillars of the community, my blog exists not only for reasons already explained but to inform our communities of important matters that the Paedophile Post won’t report.

  6. Whats sad ‘Mr Laughable’is what Mike Smith has done to innocent lads and their parents.To those of us who were supporters of this team it is extremely SAD,that lads and parents friendships have been broken and you never know a lads career in football may have been blighted. All this has been extremely upsetting for alot of innocent people,and no we haven’t got sad little lives we are hard working respectable people.

    1. That’s a joke!! And the sad individuals with SAD little lives will have egg on their faces when their disgusting lies are finally seen for what they are!! Watch this space. You won’t believe what is going to be heard. The truth is a powerful thing!!

  7. This whole situation is so so SAD. I agree with what has been said. So much hurt, backstabbing, lies & deceit have all blown what was a happy and very successful team apart. There are no winners or losers here. Just a lot of people wishing that things had worked out differently for all those involved.

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