England 1 Iceland 2

Here is a picture of the Chief Inspector Paul Joyce.

Chief Inspector Paul Joyce

I contacted the Inspector when I came out of prison in 2013, I left many messages with my number for him to contact me via HQ. He eventually contacted me by phone where we had a long chat, basically my complaint was asking him, how have you allowed Nigel Roberts the author of the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar, MP David Jones and Dylan Moore to publish nasty and untrue remarks regarding myself and my family during a crown court trial back in 2010, the judge in the case told Don Kenyon to remove those untrue comments and they were never removed.

I won’t go on about this readers of the blog as you have already read the story on previous posts. Paul Joyce told me after a long conversation that he would get PC Cawood to investigate, you have all seen the report.

At the time of the phone call, Inspector Paul Joyce couldn’t really be bothered, under his breath he was probably saying, you’re English and I’m not going to do anything about it, I must be honest I can’t prove what I have stated, but after seeing this picture, a picture paints a thousand words, CI Joyce of North Wales Police is prejudiced against English people living in Wales.

I came across this picture which was posted by Chief Inspector Paul Joyce who is based at St Asaph HQ. This picture appears to have been taken just after Iceland knocked England out of the Euro 2016, England 1-2 Iceland, this quite senior police officer appears to have gone out and bought himself an Iceland insulated red bag and hung it around his neck.

It is very obviously a delight to him, the defeat of England, an indication that he may not always take seriously complaints of anti-English hate crime. I am English, I married a Welsh girl and have 3 Welsh children, I live in a beautiful part of Wales, after England beat Wales 2-1 in the Euro 2016, Wales became a stronger side and went on to make history for Wales. The whole nation was proud of them, me too.

What would Paul Joyce think if one of his children, niece or nephews became terminally ill and had to attend Alderhey Hospital in Liverpool and a doctor came out with a bag around his neck and on the bag it read Go to Bangor Hospital, we know this wouldn’t happen because our hospitals care for anybody wherever they are from, you could also say the same about Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool or the burns unit in Whiston in Liverpool if Paul Joyce had to be treated at one of them hospitals and isn’t it amazing how most police officers in Wales support Liverpool football club, some do support other English clubs in the Premiership, you think they would follow Wrexham FC, Wrexham are a great side too, a few of my nephews have played for them and one still does now.

Remember Paul Joyce, you investigate hate crime, you’re supposed to be impartial and you’re paid a salary of £60,000 a year plus bonuses and your putting photos of yourself with bags around your neck going all over social media, I hate to think what other police forces think of you in England after seeing this post and what the MP’s think along with the Prime Minister.

I know some readers of the blog may say it’s all banter in the pub regarding football which I agree, but not when the Chief Inspector is acting in this manner, his behaviour is unacceptable.

Chief Superintendent John Chapman, I still want my money that I’m owed that went missing from my account.


17 thoughts on “England 1 Iceland 2

  1. I’m glad you made this post, I was beginning to think it was just me who was getting the English/Racist vibe. Yes, seems all the targets of this corruption have been…..English.

  2. I’m Welsh and proud, but ashamed to see and read this kind of racism and from a professional person, let alone a police officer. Monday I shall be contacting NWPOLICE to complain, that foolish man should be sacked.

  3. it would be handy to get the police commissioners opinion, you have police officers that are getting paid to be in work, but it seems they have either gone home for sex or taken their children swimming. Arfon jones the commissioner is trying to get the police more money, it seems to me they are paid enough , they seem to be taking the p**s at the tax payers expense, Arfon how are you going to defend the iceland bag man CI Joyce. They will probably say he was out shopping and put the bag around his neck while he was getting jumbo sausages out of the freezer. Your opinion would be welcome A rfon……

  4. Mick you forgot to mention Walton hospital that caters for brain injuries, Paul Joyce could do with going there to ask the Brain Surgeon has he got one?? what a first class knob!!


  6. The Chief Constable- is responsible for his workforce. First we have Brunstrom- an open druid-aka the new freemasonry. Now Polin- An Ashkenzi Jew. Not looking too good, lets hope the police commissioner is going to expose the corruption starting at the top.

  7. NOT satisfied with the tag, as the most corrupt force in Britain. Now north wales police had to go one better and add racist to their name unbelievable. Think about this very seriously, does anyone know if north wales police have any African or Asian coppers on their books ??? I’ve never seen one. NWP recruitment team need investigating for being RACIST.

  8. I can’t believe chief inspector PAUL JOYCE is acting like a thug.. He looks frightening and intimidating, I wouldn’t like to meet the racist thug down a dark alley. NWP I demand as a taxpayer, you sack this racist man immediately.

  9. Creamer has it never crossed your mind Paul Joyce may have a second job in Iceland……… he could simply be advertising!!!!

  10. i have noticed inspector joyce soon closed his facebook down after this picture was taken off his fb, whats he got to hide now everybody has seen it, your not ashamed are you paul? dont want all the english bobbies to see what a fool you have made of yourself.

  11. paul looks in better shape there than he did when he was the inspector at llandudno, lost a lot of weight uuhmm!!!

  12. Millwall fan your right Paul joyce does look like a football hooligan,and to think he’s a chief inspector for north wales police thuggish behaviour from a corrupt police force. PAUL JOYCE what’s your opinion on HATE CRIME ?

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