“At the end of the storm is a golden sky”

Unlawful Killing

Justice at last, it has taken those families 27 long years. The torment that those families went through, no one will ever know after the lies the police told saying us the fans were pick-pocketing, urinating on the police and turning up without tickets, drunkenness, bad behaviour and whatever else they could make up, all in a bid to cover up their own mistakes leading to this disaster, then letting the scum, Sun newspaper print those blatant lies.

I can honestly say if this would have been any other football club in the country that this disaster happened to, I don’t think their supporters would have fought like the families of Liverpool, you have to take your hat off to them, after the long journey they have been through, they have been swimming against the tide with a gale force wind of corruption blowing at them, fighting the establishment.

Thank God justice has been served today for those families.

My eldest son was born in 1989 and in a few months he’s 27, it’s so hard to believe they have been campaigning all that time.

I went to the first service 27 years ago and the last service on Friday 15th April, I still cannot imagine what those families have been through, the hurt and the pain they have suffered, it was the families that wanted the closure on the last service, we can only hope that the CPS now bring criminal charges against those corrupt police officers and all concerned.


Now let’s take a look at what Debra Martin, a police special constable from South Yorkshire police, she quoted “Hillsborough broke me, but the police destroyed me” she also said that she was bullied into changing her statement by another policewoman who repeatedly visited her home, this order would have come from Superintendent David Duckenfield and Chief Superintendent Terry Wayne (David Duckenfield was the match commander on the day).

David Duckenfield told blatant lies, but when he came to court, he started to tell the truth saying sorry.

Just think if those families hadn’t fought for justice, this would have all been brushed under the carpet the police and the scum Sun newspaper would have been believed.

David Duckenfield and Terry Wayne, I hope you both have a painful last few years of your life, you pair of despicable, horrible, lying police officers that brought shame to South Yorkshire police force.

This inquest has gone on much longer than it should have done, which has caused great pain to the families, which is wrong, it has also cost millions of pounds spent on lawyers etc and the tax payers have been left footing the bill which is also wrong.

This money has been wasted because of their lies and corruption.

Could you imagine if 96 police officers had been killed that day, criminal charges would have been brought that very day for murder, manslaughter, affray and public order offences and every single bit of CCTV evidence at the ground and local shops would have been viewed.

May all the 96 now RIP and a big thank you to all the families for their hard work and determination to get this justice.


              This was on a beach today in Conwy, North Wales



6 thoughts on ““At the end of the storm is a golden sky”

  1. To make matters worse Mr creamer, if the corrupt police force hadn’t spent two years lying in court then the taxpayers kitty would be better off to the tune of 19 million pounds. Also the families would of not had to go through even more pain. Disgusting behaviour from the police. North wales police take notice .

  2. The compensation will run into hundreds of millions, when it’s all over. The police will not care as it is not there money. The police wasting taxpayers money yet again.

  3. After reading Michael’s blog can any police force ever be trusted. South Yorkshire police bent, west Midlands police bent, and most importantly north wales police bent. Goes to show a awful lot of bent cops.

  4. i watched the documentary on sunday night, shocking behaviour by south yorkshire police i cant believe the lies they told, changing police officers statements, putting these families through hell for 27 years and the government wasting the tax payers money on their fancy lawyers, telling lie after lie i hope they all get what coming to them………..karma

  5. I watched the TV documentary, heartbreaking, there were a couple of good coppers who come forward that were honest it was the Senior Officers that were to blame, i just hope they go to Prison and meet up with a few LFC fans………..say no more!!!

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