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The most powerful man in Wales before he was sacked by the Prime Minister, former Secretary State for Wales David Jones MP denies being involved in the Thoughts of Oscar blog. Coming soon will be a taped conversation where he makes threats against me despite the fact that our paths have never crossed.

Nigel Roberts confessed to being the author of Thoughts of Oscar in September 2014, Dylan Moore continues to deny being involved with the blog in another recording he confirms that David Jones MP was a regular contributor to Thoughts Of Oscar.

Janet Finch Saunders Assembly Member for Aberconwy, despite being a target of the authors of Thoughts of Oscar betrayed Guto Bebb & offered to help David Jones & Dylan Moore in discrediting Guto Bebb.

The full story behind the closure of Thoughts of Oscar will be on this blog in the near future.

North Wales Police protected these people for 7 years when members of the public complained.

You will also get to listen to a recorded phone call of Ruby Williams, another thoughts of Oscar contributor talking about me, but be warned, any children who read this blog shouldn’t listen to this recording as her language is foul.


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