5 Conwy Men Are Helping Police With Their Enquiries Into Historic Sex Crimes!!!!!

You will read below an email that I have sent to Inspector Kelly Isaacs of North Wales Police; this email to the Inspector highlights my concerns about the fact that there are 5 men at large in our community who have been questioned recently by The Mob for historic sex offences against a minor.

As I’ve said in the email, some of these men are in and out of homes in our community as part of their work, should this be allowed?

Please read the response from Inspector Isaacs:

You will have seen in the news this week about the sad case of Sarah Everard from South London, who was kidnapped and murdered after walking home from a friend’s house; a serving Metropolitan police officer has been charged with the crimes.


There’s also been many reports locally of women being flashed at and being followed when out at night alone by a man dressed in black. Some readers might be thinking that we need women to be able to protect themselves or they shouldn’t be going out alone; what we need is for North Wales Police to get men like this off the streets and inform our community of the possible threats posed by these 5 men.

Readers of the blog I am happy to accept your comments but will not be publishing any comments that name the men who have been questioned by the police, they are innocent until proven guilty.

This is not the Thoughts of Oscar blog run by Nigel Roberts and David Jones MP, which was protected by North Wales Police and by the Chief Superintendent Simon Humphreys; that blog prejudiced trials and this blog doesn’t operate like that so the 5 men’s names won’t be published.


7 thoughts on “5 Conwy Men Are Helping Police With Their Enquiries Into Historic Sex Crimes!!!!!

  1. Michael I think you should expose the names, the police won’t tell us,they are killing people in London, and another one of them is sending grusome images , when lockdown is over and the pubs are open I wouldn’t like to be standing next to one of these 5 . Just imagine if one of them chatted your daughter up!!! I mean how would we know who they are?? I really think you should let the public know and do the right thing , thank you for bringing it to the publics attention .

  2. How are we suppose to feel safe on the streets, when we have alleged rapists living amongst us and a police officer raping and killing a lady near London , these locals need naming for our safety!!! Disgrace.

  3. Very good point you made Mr Creamer regarding risk and safety of the public . We have seen recently youths of Conwy who have been drinking and hanging around the area given dispersal orders to leave the Conwy town, yet it seems these 5 sex offenders have no restrictions , oh and if a petty drug dealer gets arrested he has orders not to speak to his associates and stay out of certain areas………………North Wales Police you are a fucking disgrace.

  4. Amazing isn’t it starting point for rape is five years jail 😮 Yet deface a statue , starting point is ten years jail, what a joke 😡😡😡!!!

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