The Same Judge Dealt With Two Separate Rape Cases

His honour Judge Rhys Rowlands QC dealt with two separate rape cases, the first one was PC Ian James Clarke of North Wales Police who worked at the major crime unit in St Asaph alongside DC Don Kenyon and Inspector Jason Davenport, you would have read about Ian James Clarke on this blog a few posts back, so you’ll already be familiar with the story.

There is something I can’t quite get my head around, His honour Judge Rowlands told PC Clarke of St Peter’s Park, Northorp, Mold “you have been convicted of the most serious offence of rape, not only did you behave in a wholly disgraceful and immoral way that night, but you took advantage of a woman you thought was badly affected by drink, she was not” the judge told him. So this judge knows this case inside out, he has sat and listened throughout Mr Clarke’s trial and after being found guilty he sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment.

I’m going to point out a few facts here, Ian James Clarke was a police officer in a position of trust and married to a police officer; Clarke couldn’t accept being found guilty, he tried to drag his wife down with him, telling people it was an agreed threesome, this is what the coward Clarke was telling people in prison. No statement was given in to say it was an agreed threesome by his wife. Judge Rowlands said the victim in this case had given her evidence with remarkable strength, a victim impact statement was read out to the judge.

Detective Superintendent Joe Williams from North Wales Police Protection of Vulnerable People’s Unit said Ian Clarke has been imprisoned for five years for a very serious offence of rape. To someone who is unsure as to what the police badge means as the profession of policing has evolved over the years, it is a most visible symbol of service that has taken on an almost iconic meaning, from a practical standpoint officers wear the badge as a means to identify who they are and who they work for, the law-enforcement badge is easily recognisable sign of legal authority, the badge symbol means:

To protect and serve…….not to rape women and not of fit people up.

Take a look at the full story from the Paedophile post below:

Now let’s look at the case against Mark Hall, just a couple of months after the previous case His Honour Judge Rhys Rowlands also had the advantage of hearing Mark Hall’s trial, Mark was also found guilty by a jury, we have to respect the jury’s decision although juries sometimes do get it wrong as I have pointed out on the previous posts. Mark too was sentenced at Mold Crown Court, the same as PC Ian Clarke.

The judge in this case, in his own words when jailing Mark Hall at Mold Crown Court to 6 years imprisonment, the judge said “the case involved Hall clinically taking advantage of the victim”, the definition of clinical in English is

1.) Relating to the observation and treatment of actual patients rather than theoretical or laboratory studies.

2.) Very efficient and without feeling coldly detached nothing was left to chance everything was clinical.

Remember what the Judge told Clarke, “you have been convicted of the most serious offence of rape” yet only gave him five years imprisonment and not forgetting his job being in a position of trust.

Every rape case in Great Britain, the victim gives a victim impact statement, in a very unusual case ie; the Mark Hall case, the victim decided not to give a victim impact statement. I can’t get my head round how the Judge passed a six-year prison sentence, the parole board take these victim impact statements into account before deciding whether a criminal should be released or what, if any restrictions are required.

Am I right to say readers of the blog, that the parole board should release Mr Hall from custody as the ‘victim’ in this case couldn’t be bothered making the statements?

Judge Rowlands says, Hall must register as a sex offender indefinitely and a restraining order was made, when you read this you must be as shocked as I am. We put our trust in law lords to write the law and the judges to apply it correctly and fairly, how dare Mark’s legal team go and see him in the cells after sentencing & convince a man who is dyslexic and doesn’t understand the law, telling him you’ve had a good sentence as you could have got 8 years. Mark being naïve, thought he’d done well. Disgusting.

I think Mark Hall’s family need an urgent meeting and should draw up a petition, get it signed so that the Right Honourable Prime Minister Theresa May could have this case looked at, as this case is flawed and rotten to the core.

Please read below what victim impact statements are:

” Victim statements may include descriptions of physical, emotional, financial, medical and other consequences of a crime. These statements allow the victims of crimes to add their voice to the proceedings in order to impact the judge or board responsible for making decisions about sentencing. Judges may listen to the impact statements in order to figure out how long someone should go to jail. A parole board might take the statements into account before deciding whether a criminal should be released, and what conditions the board should attach to their release. Besides affecting sentencing, according to the website Victims of Crime, victim impact statements are often useful to victims because they can be cathartic. After all, during the trial, the victims usually have a very limited ability to talk at all about their side of the story. Lawyers ask very narrow questions, and the victim’s opinions aren’t taken into account. Having a chance to read their side in open court can often be a crucial part of the psychological process of healing from any type of crime 

A lay person may not understand how important this statement is and once again somebody who was been raped should apply to the criminal injuries board for compensation.

Here’s a few articles out of the paper about evil women crying wolf, it does happen and I know it’s very hard to understand why a lady would do this to a man. Finally, Mark Hall continues to deny this allegation that was made against him, again just spare a thought for him on how he must be feeling in prison having been convicted with this heinous crime.

Once again thank you for the emails and comments, I keep telling you I can’t publish comments with foul language, I know some comments are nothing to do with this post, they are going on about Gary Sky from the Maelgwyn and how many girls he had in the back of his transit, I promise you it’s all going to come out shortly.


Wishing The 2 Gary’s A Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish Gary ‘Sky’ Plumb & Gary John a Merry Christmas.

Everything that I have written and put on this blog has been the truth, unlike a lot of people I am able to back up what I’ve said by documentation and I stand by what I have said as it is the truth.

I know a lot of you are waiting for the truth to be told about the 2 Gary’s, but as I am unable to access the documents, you’re all going to have to wait a little longer.

I know you were looking forward to reading all about Gary Sky on Christmas Day, you might still be able to so keep reading the blog, it’s not going anywhere!!!

For now, I’ll leave you with the following points to guess which Gary did the deed:

  • Which Gary urinated all over his missus?
  • Which Gary cried in the witness box and told the jury “I’m scared of that man over there” and pointed to me in the dock.
  • Which Gary when he attended Crown Court to give evidence brought his Dad with him?
  • I have a photo of one of the Gary’s on a roof working when claiming benefits, which one?
  • Which Gary is growing cannabis plants?
  • 2 of these Gary’s have an appalling record of motoring offences, which one?
  • Which Gary has been bankrupt?
  • Which Gary is a regular user of cocaine and amphetamines?

And there is one more untold story about one of the Gary’s still to be revealed, this will sicken you.


I’d like to thank you all for all the messages of support that have been sent in. I will continue to keep telling the truth about the years of harassment that my family and me have had from The Mob, like I have said before there is no slander here, it’s only ever the truth that’s been published and that sometimes the truth hurts.



4 Gary’s, one’s a policeman, the other 3 are informants.

Would you believe that you have 4 males called Gary and they all live in the same town, Llandudno Junction, North Wales; one is a Policeman and the other 3 are police informants, they are not to be trusted.

For those of you that live locally, you will all know them, but this blog is highly viewed all over the world, so people in America and China etc don’t know where Llandudno Junction is.

The 1st Gary is PC 2167 Gary Cooper, 2nd is Gary Lloyd who had a number of different businesses, Beds & Bunks to name but one, 3rd is Gary John Jones, a labourer when he does work and finally the 4th is Gary Plumb aka Gary Sky.

The above 3 informants gave evidence against me in Crown Court, I don’t have a problem with that, providing a witness is one of good character and is an honest man, these 3 are nothing but snakes, creeps and filthy liars, they like to try and mix with everybody and think they are one of the lads; you take it from me they are far from it, they are false, back stabbers.

I’m not giving you the full story just yet. One reader of the blog who approached me, put an idea in my head, don’t put the full story out yet, do it on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, like they tried to ruin your Christmas when they gave evidence against you & told lies.

What do you think of this?

  • Which Gary got his wife to claim benefits, let her get prosecuted and receive a £90,000 fine?
  • Which Gary urinated all over his missus?
  • Which Gary snorted cocaine with a 68-year-old woman and then had sex with her?
  • Which Gary is having an affair with a woman who owns a lingerie shop in Rhos on Sea?
  • Which Gary cried in the witness box and told the jury “I’m scared of that man over there” and pointed to me in the dock.
  • Which Gary when he attended Crown Court to give evidence brought his Dad with him?
  • I have a photo of one of the Gary’s on a roof working when claiming benefits, which one?
  • Which Gary is growing cannabis plants?
  • One of the Gary’s got caught by HM Custom and Excise with a large amount of contraband and a quantity of weed but never got prosecuted, I wonder why?
  • 2 of these Gary’s have an appalling record of motoring offences.
  • Which Gary has been bankrupt?
  • Which Gary won’t pay his water rates and on many occasions has tapped into someone else’s water supply?
  • 2 of the Gary’s that I know are regular users of cocaine and amphetamine!
  • Which Gary is constantly avoiding the taxman, setting up bogus businesses?
  • 2 of the Gary’s live in the same street.
  • DC 2313 Don Kenyon says Gary you’re surplice to requirements now.
  • DC 2513 Rob Jones says Gary you’re surplice to requirements now.

Gary Plumb aka Sky is running the Maelgwyn Pub and in his spare time doing satellite TV’s and is also head of PubSafe (PubSafe is good if it’s run properly but not when Gary’s got customers snorting cocaine in his pub and he’s hiding behind the police), he constantly has police attending his pub, passing information on, you can’t blame PC Gary Cooper for this, as he is a copper and they are all trained to get information.

These 3 Gary’s that gave evidence against me, fooling the jury to believe they were of GOOD CHARACTER, but The Mob desperately wanted these to give evidence against me to get me convicted and The Mob turning a blind eye to their previous and what they had done, all to suit The Mob.

The Mob got their conviction and they have now dropped you 3 Gary’s like hot potatoes. It’s now my turn to name and shame you.

No good running to the police now boys, because all you will get told is, if Creamer is making slanderous remarks, it’s a civil dispute, but like I have said before, there is no slander here, it’s all the truth that’s being published.

My final point on this is a very serious matter that has been reported to The Mob regarding Gary Sky, I’m not going to tell you what it is yet, as I wouldn’t want to compromise The Mob’s investigation. Should The Mob charge Gary, this will come out in the public domain and if they don’t charge him, I will tell you what he’s done on Christmas Day

Gary Sky, I hope you do the right thing and resign from PubSafe before you get pushed as you’re not fit to run it, as you know what you have done, as they say, you can run but you can’t hide. You have the authority of barring people, putting them on the Micky Mouse PubSafe, telling people they are no longer barred then 2 days later saying they are still on PubSafe.

I have waited for a long time to publish this post; I have had to bide my time due to some legal issues, a full report on the 3 Gary’s will be given on Christmas Day.

I’m one step ahead of you Gary, I’ve had you secretly taped reporting people to the police, I have got the DVD that was played in court, I have yours and the other Gary’s statements, which will all be produced on this blog for all to see.

Gary Sky, I have got big shoulders, but the biggest mistake you made was to bad mouth my beautiful daughter when you don’t know her.

You really must be hated Plumb, as I get constant phone calls asking me when I’m going to put the story on about Gary Sky?

Well Gary, the time has come!! Next time you’re behind the bar, pour yourself a double whisky, I’ve picked this song for you: