Illegally Parked Cops Get Educated lol !!!!

The police will never admit they are in the wrong but are always quick enough to tell the public and issue us with tickets/fines when we might be.

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PC John Byrne completed a 12-hour shift without any food, so he says; so, he turns the blue lights on and speeds home for his tea, doing 80 mph, crashes the police vehicle and guess what he doesn’t get the sack and was issued with a final written warning. Its ok mugs money will pay for the vehicle.


Welsh Cop Threw a Male to the Ground and Called Him a Useless C**t

An experienced Welsh police officer threw a detainee to the ground, sprayed him in the eyes from close range and called the young lad a useless c**t  a misconduct hearing was told.

The chief constable Mark Collins of Dyfed – Powys police said the public would be appalled at how PC Jonathan Reynolds treated a detainee during the incident in May last year.

The shit-house police officer was convicted of two counts of assault in connection with the incident and has since left his job; the officer has been barred from working in law enforcement for five years, what a joke.

DC 2313 Don Kenyon, you must have convinced yourself that all police officers are honest, I certainly don’t believe you.

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A Welsh Female Officer Causes Chaos at a Wedding!!

A police constable who got heavily intoxicated at a colleagues wedding party and punched a member of staff before telling him “I am the police” as he requested help.

PC 3178 Natasha Jones 38, of North Wales Police attended a function at Garth Myl Hall country house near Welshpool with her husband last October.

               Next halloween costume…..Scales of Justice

The manager states that Jones and her friends were falling over drunk and the group were one of the rowdiest they had ever seen. Natasha’s brother and another woman grabbed her and ended up rolling around on the floor, she was very aggressive, swinging punches at her brother and trying to strangle him.

Natasha Jones admitted three charges of common assault in court; her solicitor said she had anxiety and depression, isn’t it funny how all coppers say the same when they get into trouble.

Have a guess who the judge was?

It was good old district Judge Gwyn Jones, who told Natasha Jones this is a significant fall from grace so I’m going to give you 160 hours of community work and you will pay £300 compensation to Mr Reeve and £340 costs. District Judge Gwyn never likes sending police or paedophiles to jail but if you owe money for a POCA he will send you to jail.

Natasha Jones now faces a misconduct hearing.


Police Inspector Hits His Wife Over the Head with a Bottle of Prosecco, leaving her with a Bleed on the Brain and Doesn’t Go to Jail

DC 2313 Don Kenyon, what do you think about this animal police officer’s behaviour?

I’m sorry Don Kenyon, I don’t understand how his previous career should influence the judge’s decision, he seriously assaulted his wife after their 15-year relationship and there should have been no get out of jail card, he should have gone straight to prison. All forces in the UK said they were going to clamp down on domestic violence, this is no deterrent to abusers and women who are married to police officers must be very afraid. Judges do get it wrong sometimes, but does that make it okay to smash a bottle over a female’s head because the Inspector had 23 years service.

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Mind you Don Kenyon, you’re not much better! After an 8-week trial in Mold Crown Court when a complaint was made against you and you were interviewed by Sian Beck, you had a case of selective memory and you didn’t remember going in the witness box, oh sorry you weren’t hit over the head with a Prosecco bottle.


North Wales Cop 1609 Pete the Perv Sacked

Below is a picture of DC Don Kenyon and Jason Davenport who investigated myself for mortgage fraud which was a victimless crime with no complainee.

Don Kenyon told me in interview that “police officers have good jobs; we wouldn’t tell lies” this was Kenyon’s favourite saying.


Between the 1st and 8th of September 1609 Pete Willdigg the womaniser was sacked from North Wales Police.

Many years ago, Pete was having an affair with another policewoman, this female officer was having wild parties with a local drug dealer, booze and cocaine were involved; Pete and the female officer both had their cars vandalised.

PSD (Professional Standards Department) were well aware of the wild goings-on but it’s taken until now to sack him.

North Wales Police supported Pete the Perv when he ran the Great North Run, let’s hope that all the money raised on JustGiving went to the right place!

Pete has two daughters who work for North Wales Police, I’m sure he will be gutted now when his family read this. This story will be in local papers tomorrow….what goes around comes around.


PC 1609 Pete Willdigg Faces Misconduct Hearing

Police Misconduct Hearing:  1st September 2020

A misconduct hearing will be held at St Asaph Police Station, St Asaph Business Park, Denbighshire, LL17 0HQ commencing at 1000hrs on 1st September 2020.

Constable 1609 Willdigg is facing the following allegation:

  • During April 2006 PC Willdigg was investigating an allegation of assault involving a vulnerable female victim. As a result of that incident PC Willdigg provided the female with his personal phone number and exchanged text messages, thereafter he engaged in sexual activity with the female.
  • It is alleged that PC Willdigg has breached the Standards of Professional Behavior relating to – Discreditable Conduct, Honesty and Integrity. All matters are considered to be of Gross Misconduct.

In accordance with The Police (Conduct) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 Regulation 31(6) (a) the Chair of the misconduct hearing has determined to exclude members of the public from the hearing in order to facilitate the  proper conduct of proceedings and to preserve the anonymity of vulnerable individuals.


PC Dicks Sucked the Sergeant’s Dick in a Welsh Police Station

A female police officer Jemma Dicks aged 28, is to keep her job despite having on duty sex games with a married sergeant Adam Reed 40, these two were found to have committed gross misconduct after it was revealed PC Dicks had performed oral sex on her superior on at least three occasions at Cardiff Central Police Station.

PC Dicks was experiencing very difficult family circumstances at the time following the death of her father who was also a police officer, this is what she said at the hearing. I think she ought to be ashamed of herself using her father’s death as an excuse we have all lost loved ones but didn’t behave in this manner. She had no respect at all for her job or more importantly her father.

What is it with our Welsh police forces, have they no control?  They will do it anywhere, in the police station, in police vehicles, in other people’s houses all whilst on duty.

I wonder what DC 2313 Don Kenyon and 2179 Jason Davenport have to say about this please read the link below



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