PC 0489 Stephen Carroll And The Helicopter

In the summer of 1994, I was sat with Anita having our dinner, when PC 0489 Stephen Carroll and The Mob arrived at the house with 7 police cars and the police helicopter above, at this time I was living at 5 Mona Rd, Morfa, Conwy.

The Mob had blocked the street off, Steve Carroll was running around like a headless chicken, saying ‘I’m seizing this vehicle’, which was my white Ford Escort Cabriolet, he then said he wanted the keys for it as he was ready to place it on a low loader.

I wouldn’t listen to PC Carroll as he was young and inexperienced, I contacted police headquarters in Colwyn Bay, spoke to an Inspector, he said they ‘had a warrant to seize the vehicle and that the car was of an interest to us and has stolen parts on it’.

I said ‘Do you think that I would buy a nice vehicle like that for my wife, with my hard earned money for you to take away?’ I said that this was a disgrace, the amount of police that are outside my house, the helicopter and all the cars.

I agreed with the Inspector for him to call The Mob off and I would drive the vehicle myself to Headquarters, where it could be examined, providing I drive with one police car in front of me and one behind, which I did.

The vehicle was left at HQ for a long time, I had to contact my solicitor to get it back. You can read the response from The Mob below which is self-explanatory.

Sgt Stephen Carroll


Apologies for the poor spelling and grammar on the letter from The Mob.

Members of the public, you may find this funny, but I don’t, because the money for this operation came out of the public’s purse and was a total waste….just stop for a moment to think about how much public money was wasted on this operation, the manpower and the cost of The Mob’s helicopter, all for nothing.

PC Stephen Carroll’s police informant got it wrong, did The Mob dupe Llandudno Magistrates to get the warrant?

Did they ever go back to the court and tell them it was a negative result, because maybe next time the Magistrate wouldn’t give a warrant as easy?

There are more warrants to come, this is just the start of PC Carroll and PC Parminter’s obsession with Michael Creamer.