England 1 Iceland 2

Here is a picture of the Chief Inspector Paul Joyce.

Chief Inspector Paul Joyce

I contacted the Inspector when I came out of prison in 2013, I left many messages with my number for him to contact me via HQ. He eventually contacted me by phone where we had a long chat, basically my complaint was asking him, how have you allowed Nigel Roberts the author of the poison pen blog Thoughts of Oscar, MP David Jones and Dylan Moore to publish nasty and untrue remarks regarding myself and my family during a crown court trial back in 2010, the judge in the case told Don Kenyon to remove those untrue comments and they were never removed.

I won’t go on about this readers of the blog as you have already read the story on previous posts. Paul Joyce told me after a long conversation that he would get PC Cawood to investigate, you have all seen the report.

At the time of the phone call, Inspector Paul Joyce couldn’t really be bothered, under his breath he was probably saying, you’re English and I’m not going to do anything about it, I must be honest I can’t prove what I have stated, but after seeing this picture, a picture paints a thousand words, CI Joyce of North Wales Police is prejudiced against English people living in Wales.

I came across this picture which was posted by Chief Inspector Paul Joyce who is based at St Asaph HQ. This picture appears to have been taken just after Iceland knocked England out of the Euro 2016, England 1-2 Iceland, this quite senior police officer appears to have gone out and bought himself an Iceland insulated red bag and hung it around his neck.

It is very obviously a delight to him, the defeat of England, an indication that he may not always take seriously complaints of anti-English hate crime. I am English, I married a Welsh girl and have 3 Welsh children, I live in a beautiful part of Wales, after England beat Wales 2-1 in the Euro 2016, Wales became a stronger side and went on to make history for Wales. The whole nation was proud of them, me too.

What would Paul Joyce think if one of his children, niece or nephews became terminally ill and had to attend Alderhey Hospital in Liverpool and a doctor came out with a bag around his neck and on the bag it read Go to Bangor Hospital, we know this wouldn’t happen because our hospitals care for anybody wherever they are from, you could also say the same about Broadgreen Hospital in Liverpool or the burns unit in Whiston in Liverpool if Paul Joyce had to be treated at one of them hospitals and isn’t it amazing how most police officers in Wales support Liverpool football club, some do support other English clubs in the Premiership, you think they would follow Wrexham FC, Wrexham are a great side too, a few of my nephews have played for them and one still does now.

Remember Paul Joyce, you investigate hate crime, you’re supposed to be impartial and you’re paid a salary of £60,000 a year plus bonuses and your putting photos of yourself with bags around your neck going all over social media, I hate to think what other police forces think of you in England after seeing this post and what the MP’s think along with the Prime Minister.

I know some readers of the blog may say it’s all banter in the pub regarding football which I agree, but not when the Chief Inspector is acting in this manner, his behaviour is unacceptable.

Chief Superintendent John Chapman, I still want my money that I’m owed that went missing from my account.


Sergeant 1551 Paul Anderson Deceives The Public

Meaning of Deceive: Deliberately cause someone to believe something that is not true, especially for personal gain.

I have made many complaints to North Wales Police and on a number of occasions I have been met by 1551 Paul Anderson who has recorded some of my complaints; one of them is on a previous post where Rob Jones parks on double yellow lines and goes for a kebab, another complaint recorded by 1551 Anderson was on the 9th February 2010.

I’m not going into great detail about this as the complaint summary is below regarding PC 1929 Duncan Logan and the same officer parked on double yellow lines while he went to pick up a kebab PC 2538 Rob Jones.




I have got plenty of complaints recorded but in North Wales there is no point in complaining because it’s the police investigating the police and if you’re not happy with the outcome you have the right to go to the IPCC (I PROTECT CORRUPT COPS).

What would the Prime Minister Theresa May think about this; 1551 Sergeant Paul Anderson when stationed in Conwy & Llandudno used to tell his colleagues, be very careful of Michael Creamer, he’s up to all kinds and he sells drugs.

I have told you before about the police planting the seeds, The Mob then deceive the public by telling them false information about me.

Let me make one thing very clear here, my family and close friends already know that what I am going to say is the truth, I have never smoked in my life, took drugs or sold drugs, I wonder how many police officers and readers of this blog can say the same, but again members of the public, you were fooled by his malicious gossip, whenever you speak to some people and they are always slagging other people off, it’s usually because it’s them that are up to no good themselves.

Now let’s turn to Paul Anderson and let me tell you the real truth of what he’s been up to on a regular basis when stationed at Llandudno; he would come to work from his home behind the rugby club in Llandudno, he would clock on at work so he would be signed in, he would have his children outside in the car and he would then go and take them swimming, he would leave a message at the station for one of his colleagues to phone him & warn him if the Inspector wanted him and on the other occasions he’d also go home for a bit of nookie.

This is the same man who spread rumours that I was a drug dealer and the same man when I made genuine complaints, they went nowhere.

The next time you pay your council tax, think about the money that goes towards the police and this man is supposed to be in work, yet goes off swimming etc.

If you want a part time job Sergeant Anderson, you should go to Tesco or Asda.

Theresa May, what is the point in complaining about this man, once the complaint is recorded it goes to his colleagues at Professional Standards, Superintendent John Hanson, a freemason, Ian Verburg, a freemason and the very man himself Paul Anderson is a freemason, our complaints are just being laughed at by this organisation and this was the same Paul Anderson if you read the last post, he was the Custody Sergeant over the rape allegation.

This man does not deserve to keep his pension.

Superintendent John Chapman, I am not going away I want all my money that went missing from my account please.


The IPCC is to be overhauled and renamed the Office for Police Conduct

The Home Secretary Theresa May has said the Independent Police Complaints Commission is not working and that the IPCC needs to be overhauled to restore faith, Theresa May said the changes would make the police complaints & discipline system simpler, more transparent and more robust.

North Wales Police is one of the worst forces to complain to, you make a complaint and it goes to Professional Standards where the Superintendent is John Hanson and the Inspector is Ian Verburg, most complaints are brushed under the mat by Verburg, in 2015, 948 complaints were made in North Wales, that’s 3 a day, 7 days a week and we have less than 2,000 police officers in North Wales!

We all know Verburg is a blatant liar, he was the officer involved with the Thoughts of Oscar blog where he lied to the public, telling people who made complaints he didn’t know who was responsible for the blog when he knew it was Nigel Roberts aka 7 Bellies along with the ex-Secretary State for Wales, David Jones MP.



Poison Pen Blog Gang Part 12

Collusion within North Wales Police.

Here is Superintendent Siân Becks wonderful report, sorry it’s 6 pages long.

I will start with Don Kenyon, when he did my trial at Mold Crown Court in 2010, it was the biggest trial in Don Kenyon’s career, he’d never sat in a court room for over 7 weeks before, as I looked out from the dock, he was sat just in front of me, every day taking notes, he knew how many glasses of water I drank and what colour shirt I had on each day, that’s how observant he was.

He was called into the witness box, swore an oath and asked by Judge John Rogers QC to go and tell Oscar, to stop publishing comments on the ‘Thoughts of Oscar’ blog, but when I made a complaint and Superintendent Siân Beck went out to interview Don Kenyon (lets not laugh, police investigating the police), Don Kenyon tells Siân Beck he doesn’t remember going in the witness box in the biggest trial of his life and said his memory had faded!!!

Don, you have made a complete and utter fool of yourself, you were told to go and speak to Oscar by the Judge and you never.

North Wales Police came out in this report with another pathetic comment, ‘it was rumoured that Nigel Roberts was the author’. Why would you go and speak to somebody, if it was only a rumour that they were the author of the blog?

Nigel ‘7 bellies’ told Verburg he didn’t know who the author was, but he could speak to them to have comments removed, but in 2010 ‘7 Bellies’ Roberts admits telling Superintendent Simon Humphreys in a face to face meeting he was the author of the blog.

John Hanson, when you went to see Karen Dixon from the CPS, did you tell her the whole truth of what was going on behind the scenes? Because in your meeting at HQ in January this year with Dylan Moore & David Jones, information leaked out as to what was discussed at the meeting, do you remember sitting around the table saying this will all blow over in 2 weeks and be forgotten about.

Well you are wrong, it’s not going away, us people want justice and you people are worried about your pensions etc.

Did you tell Karen Dixon it would all blow over in 2 weeks aswell?

Members of the public, when you read Siân Becks report, it is embarrassing, the way our police force investigate. I have warned you. This has now gone to the IPCC and they have been told to re-investigate.

SBReport1 SBReport2

SBReport3 SBReport4

SBReport5 SBReport6


When the Judge spoke to Don Kenyon and asked him to speak to Oscar, the jury were excused. If any of you jury members on my trial have read this blog, while doing jury service and were put off by the nasty comments and derogatory remarks that were on there, please come forward, I know you were all told by the Judge don’t look at the Internet, but it would help me get justice.

If none of you read the blog “Thoughts of Oscar” I accept that.

Michael John Creamer, 4 Parc Waen, Conwy LL32 8EL. Mobile: 07977928434.

Thank You.


Complaint To Professional Standards

This is the complaint from the last post, where Michael Creamer (Jnr) was wrongfully arrested.

If a public order offence has taken place, the police would have taken statements from the people who were there and the person who was allegedly assaulted, which is common sense and yet The Mob came to our house like a bull in china shop with PC 2744 Ellis and PC 1003 Halliday arresting anybody, they obviously had no evidence and was anybody actually assaulted??

profstand1 profstand2 profstand3

Michael’s complaint to PSD is very vague and they won’t answer questions. Again I’ve always said this, how can the police investigate the police, they will never book their own colleagues.

profstand4 profstand5 profstand6

profstand7 profstand8 profstand9

Their findings are pathetic, they still won’t admit that they arrested somebody that wasn’t in the area and had nothing to do with the case, but yet they pay compensation for false imprisonment.


What’s The Point…??

Two police officers called at my house in Conwy, they were PC 1854 Gary James and PC 1651 Martin Parmley. I told them they were not welcome at my house and to clear off.

Things got a bit heated and Martin Parmley assaulted me, I made a complaint. Was there any point?

No, no point. Because Professional Standards, the CPS and the IPCC will always believe The Mob.

This case comes down to 2 police officers word against mine, despite me sending evidence of my injuries witnessed by my GP, my file went off to the police along with my complaint.

The CPS in their letter are saying that I’m telling lies and I’ve made this up.


This case was sent to the CPS in Cardiff.



Kop For This!!

Wherever I parked one of my vehicles in Conwy the local Mob would always check to see if I was legally parked and how long I had been there, waiting to issue me with a ticket, they knew my work vehicles as they were sign written.

The letters and picture speak for themselves.



Even the Chief Superintendent must have been embarrassed by his own officer’s actions!