PC 1352 Dave Parminter’s ex-wife quits the fire service

I have told you readers of the blog there is a lot more to come regarding this man.

When he did work for The Mob, he was one evil man who tried to manipulate people, I don’t know how he’s managed to get himself a couple of women, he does seem to have small man syndrome.

David Parminter

I think North Wales Police and the Fire Service have protected these two; Dave’s ex-wife, her name is Hanne Tolg Parminter, Dave himself has an unhealthy interest in Nazi memorabilia, in his bedroom he has knives, flags and pictures of German tanks on his wall.

How North Wales Police recruited him is beyond belief!

He tried his best to find a German bride, the Norwegian Hanne Tolg was the nearest he could get; please read the links below which are very interesting concerning his ex-wife.



1352 Dave Parminter as we all know, has a drink problem and was recently banned for drinking & driving. When he was stationed at Conwy he tried to make my life very difficult and he spread lots of malicious gossip about myself with his colleagues Steve Carroll and Dave Gardner, how the wheels have turned and all their dirty linen is now out for all to see.

The next post will be more on 1352 Dave Parminter and loads to come on Steve Carroll.

I have just received a tape recording of a police officer making derogatory remarks again about myself, they can’t stop, he has been secretly filmed. Before this is published it has got to be checked out by my lawyer, once I have clearance this will be published for all to see, I can tell you now, it’s shocking behaviour.

Chief Superintendent John Chapman, I know you’re retired now, but I want my money that I’m owed, Thank you.


Policeman David Richard Gardner, had sex with a woman after he arrested her partner!!

PC David Gardner many years ago was stationed at Conwy, his very close colleagues were Steve Carroll and Dave Parminter, at that time Gardner along with Parminter and Carroll were constantly harassing me and stopping my vehicles, they tried every way to try and prosecute me but were unsuccessful, their informants were providing false information about me, which they were putting on the intel system on the Police National Computer.


The 3 of them were abusing their position of power and getting information from females they were sleeping with, Gardner was having an affair with a barmaid from Conwy, behind his wife’s back, he was also having an affair with a police woman colleague, when Gardner left Conwy he later went to work in the Custody Unit, he was cocky and arrogant, I told him this to his face, I said “The way you’re behaving it’s all going to come down on top of you”.

It wasn’t long until it all did, the ex-girlfriend of PC David Gardner after being jilted, went to the police and reported him for selling the custody photo of Howard Hughes and confidential Psychiatric reports, Hughes was given 3 life sentences for the murder of Sophie Hook in Llandudno, North Wales.

PC Dave Gardner pleaded not guilty to 2 charges of corruptly receiving £5,000 for selling police information and receiving extra money for the photograph between the 31st July and 30th November 1995, Gardner was not arrested until 5 years later, following the break up with his girlfriend when she went to the police in 2000, claiming Gardner had told her he handed over a photograph to the media in return for money, everything was going fine for Gardner, until The Mob discovered his thumbprint on the documents.

In Gardner’s defence at his trial at Preston Crown Court, he claimed his thumbprint was a result of him innocently examining the document when he worked in custody. Gardner was acquitted but still suspended from the force while an internal enquiry was carried out.

He was accused of having an affair with a lady called Nicola while he was on duty, this relationship started after he had arrested her partner. Gardner of Llanrwst Rd, Colwyn Bay admitted the affair but said it didn’t take place while he was on duty.

Gardner was arrested in 2001 following a tip-off from his jilted lover, Nicola claimed Gardner arrested her partner, before returning to her home to sleep with her. A 4-day misconduct hearing was due to start but Gardner’s wife Lorraine was due to give birth to their second child, good old PC David Richard Gardner quit the force before the hearing.

Gardner eventually ended up as a lecturer at Llandrillo College and it didn’t stop there for him, as he couldn’t behave in this job either. When applying for the job he didn’t tell them about his court case and being sacked from the police, although he quit before he was sacked. While at the college he took a group of students to London, where he was employed as a part-time lecturer from September 2009 – August 2015, his behaviour was despicable, sending girls text messages, taking them out drinking Vodka & Coke, he warned the girls what happens in London, stays in London. He is no longer employed at the college since 2015.

Readers of the blog be warned if this man approaches anyone in North Wales for a job, please be aware of his background and if you do think about employing him, do some checks on him.

Please read the links regarding David Gardner.



Finally, just look at the record of the police officers that have been employed at Conwy:

Martyn Parmley, sacked

Andy Gill, sacked

Garry Donnelly, sacked

David Gardner, sacked

David Parminter, retired before being sacked

What I have been telling people who read this blog and people who live in Conwy how corrupt the force is, you never used to believe me, now because I’m producing the evidence you have changed your minds and are starting to believe me.

There is more to come on Steve Carroll soon!


PC 1352 Dave Parminter ‘child bully’ Sprayed On Council Offices

When 1352 Dave Parminter was stationed at Conwy approximately 20 years ago, he was the community beat officer, at that time a new initiative was brought in by The Mob, known as a ‘Dispersal Order’ and any young youths walking around our beautiful, historic town of Conwy, if they were seen in a group of more than 2, the bully Parminter would split them up and some youths would be banned from being within the town walls of Conwy for 24 hours, some he would ban for a week.

This was causing great problems, as some of the youths couldn’t go and see grandparents, or go into the local shops or onto the quayside, so what the youths were doing was to go into Bodlondeb, all congregating by the Council offices, some of the youths were under-age and would sit in the park drinking alcohol, it became laughable, where else could they go?

PC Parminter

The bully Dave Parminter, would sneak up on the youths and would steal the beer, he also gave a few of them sly kicks and slaps, the youths at that time didn’t know Parminter himself had a drink problem. Not bad when you think about it, getting paid a Policeman’s salary and getting free beer off the kids, the kids were told it had been confiscated and was getting taken back to Conwy Police Station, how do we know what went to the police station and what went to his house?

The kids would go again the following week, buy alcohol and then get it taken off them by Parminter, eventually Bodlondeb Council Offices were sprayed with graffiti such as ‘PC 1352 Dave Parminter is a child bully’ and other nasty comments that were sprayed all over the building, pictures were taken by North Wales Weekly News and the Daily Post and it was published in the papers.

Now what is interesting, one day I got a telephone call from Phil Rafferty, who was head of licensing for the pubs and taxis and at that time I had a taxi business, during the call with Phil, he asked me to call over to the town hall to see him, he wouldn’t discuss the matter on the phone, so I agreed to go and see him.

On my way over I thought it must be a matter to do with the taxis, when I arrived at the town hall, Phil’s secretary took me up to his office, where I was greeted with coffee and biscuits, I thought this looks promising, once me and Phil were in the room on our own, Phil said “Michael, I’m asking you a big favour on behalf of myself and Ken Finch, Director of Aberconwy Council, he explained in great detail how Ken Finch treated Bodlondeb like his own baby and went on to say about the graffiti and criminal damage that had occurred, he said he also knew Dave Parminter had been giving a few of the local youths a kicking & a slap and after a long discussion, he said it’s going to cost thousands of pounds to get this all cleaned off, but we are scared it will happen again”.

I said to him “Why are you telling me all this Phil?”, he asked if I could talk to the perpetrators to make sure it doesn’t happen again, I said to “Phil, you should be talking to The Mob, he said I’ve had meetings with the Inspector, he said we have got no CCTV and we don’t know who it is”, he went on to say that this happened because of the way Dave Parminter has been treating these kids, again he went on to say if you could get this sorted we will owe you a big favour.

I agreed with Phil and said “I will see what I can do”, I went to speak to the people involved with the graffiti and asked them to make sure it doesn’t happen again. I reported back to Phil Rafferty and assured him that the people responsible for this would not be doing it again. Phil thanked me and said we owe you big time for this and that was the end of the matter, Phil did mention to me that he had discussions with the bosses and Dave Parminter will be getting stationed somewhere else.

Phil Rafferty sadly passed away a couple of years ago, he was a very nice fella and I used to pick him and his wife up in my taxi on their nights out.

Phil after that incident, did phone me up one day and said Michael “I may be able to return that favour”. At the time the Albion pub was attracting a lot of bad publicity for whatever reasons, I couldn’t really care less, as Phil was head of licensing, he said they were looking to revoke the licence of the Albion pub in Conwy, I said “Why are you telling me that, if you’re going to do it, then do it”. Phil said “I’m giving you the heads up, I don’t want to do it, it’s your pub isn’t it? I’m returning the favour”.

I said “Phil, stop listening to gossip, it’s not my pub and I’ve never had any interest in the Albion whatsoever” he said “I’m shocked, I was led to believe it was your pub”, again I said “It’s not my pub and you still owe me a favour”, I asked him who told him that rubbish and it turned out it was Batman & Robin, Dave Parminter & Steve Carroll, I said “That doesn’t surprise me, they’re both obsessed with me”, Phil went on to say sorry to disturb you, have a nice day.

I’ve told you, readers of this blog, Dave Parminter, Steve Carroll & Dave Gardner and a few other members of The Mob as you can see for yourselves, they are obsessed with me.

There are lots more stories to come on these 3 members of The Mob.


PC 1352 Dave Parminter, Banned For Drink-Driving

I told you when I started this blog, you will read a lot more about 1352 Parminter as well as many other officers, who have committed criminal offences.

You will all remember Dave Parminter, the officer that went to Llandudno Magistrates Court and duped the Magistrates to get a warrant to search the property where I was living at that time, 45 Penmaen Road, that warrant was negative, like every other one North Wales Police have had against me.

PC 1352 Dave Parminter when stationed at Conwy, hounded me and stopped my vehicles on many occasions, never once prosecuting me, Parminter who is now aged 49, of Ffordd Uchaf, Colwyn Bay, pleaded guilty at Llandudno Magistrates Court this week to Drink Driving in his BMW car, he was caught in Mochdre on May 6th.

PC Parminter

He was actually stopped for speeding, but one of his colleagues could smell alcohol on his breath, Parminter was banned from driving for 20 months and fined £250 and £115 court costs.

PC Parminter retired from the force over 4 years ago due to ill health, the real reason is that he has a drink problem.

One of his best friends was Nigel Roberts, who was one of the authors of the troll blog “Thoughts of Oscar”, Roberts aka ‘7 Bellies’ also has a drink problem and used to attend the Priory, it’s only a matter of time before ‘7 Bellies’ is caught drink driving himself.

Parminter, when he was stationed in Conwy, his close colleagues that used to hound me, were PC David Gardener and PC Steve Carroll and I’ve got loads to tell you about this pair, coming soon on the blog.


Professional Standards Final Decision

After being arrested and charged for a public order offence section 4 & 5, I made a complaint to Inspector Meirion Casey regarding PC 1352 Parminter, I told him this officer had a grudge against me, his advice was to ‘get your solicitor to write to the CPS and explain the issues’ which Don Roberts (my solicitor) did, the Inspector also said he was going to contact the CPS.

You have seen the letter below which is self-explanatory, did he ever get in touch? Obviously they never listened as I was charged twice.

As I was on bail and being charged with offences Professional Standards’ rules are: we will NOT investigate until your case has been finalised.

The decision from PSD some 15 months later, after the court case had ended and PSD had spoken to their witnesses, this was their outcome, they obviously didn’t believe me, I was telling the truth that I didn’t make any threats towards PC 1352 Parminter, my mother who has no previous convictions, or ever been to court, they chose not to believe her either, also my wife Anita, who had no previous convictions at that time, they didn’t believe her or a young school boy, aged 16, Christian Pattinson with no previous convictions.

PSD viewed the CCTV, there were many people in the square that afternoon even Don Roberts from J W Hughes & Co and his staff witnessed it and yet The Mob, never went to interview any of those people, they could only find one man, from the North Wales Weekly News, who was a reporter who ‘witnessed’ the events in question and as we already know, whatever The Mob say, the Daily Post & Weekly News print and do as they are told by The Mob and I will prove that in another case later on this blog.

Finally in Superintendent A.D.Green’s report, there is no mention of PC 1352 Parminter not turning up for court, I ask myself, was this case investigated properly??

Police investigating the police, I don’t think it was.



PC 1352 Parminter Calls A Red One

On July 29th 2004, I was parked up on Lancaster Square with my nephew, mother and wife, when PC 1352 Parminter and PC 913 Rogers came storming out of the police station and went to arrest my nephew who was sitting in my vehicle.

PC 1352 Parminter was aggressive and hostile towards me, refused to explain why he was arresting and handcuffing my nephew, he then began to panic and called in a ‘red one’ (for tho,e of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a panic code for when a police officer is in fear for his life).

I left the square and was told afterwards by my solicitor that 6 police cars came rushing to aid PC Parminter who was in fear of his life.


I was arrested later on that evening and charged for offences under Section 5 Public Order and for obstructing a police officer and was then back on bail for nearly a year.


I said to my solicitor that I had no chance of being found not guilty at Llandudno Magistrates, although I was not guilty of any offence, especially when I was up against 3 members of The Mob.


I attended the trial in February 2005 expecting to be found guilty, although I was not guilty but PC 1352 Parminter failed to turn up and so the case was thrown out!!


RED14 RED15 PC Parminter’s Statement

RED16 RED17 PC Rogers’ Statement

RED18 Sgt Paul Williams’ Statement

RED19 PC Lynch’s Statement


Again, this case shows how much money has been wasted by The Mob, the CPS who have insisted on bringing it to court and all for nothing when the witness who was in fear for their life and had to call for urgent back up failed to turn up in court.

Another waste of taxpayers money.



Magistrates Duped Again!!

I was in bed at home, we were living at 45 Penmaen Rd, Morfa, Conwy, when all I could hear was banging on the front door, as I looked out of the window I could see that The Mob were outside.

I asked them ‘What do you want?’, they said that they had a warrant to search the property and the outer buildings. I said ‘You’re not coming in’.

PC 1352 Dave Parminter shouted ‘Michael, if you don’t let us in, we are going to smash the door down’ I said ‘Stop shouting, I’ve got 3 young children in bed’. The Mob carried on banging, demanding I open the door, so I came down and let them in.

PC Parminter

PC Dave Parminter was very aggressive when I opened the door, I remember saying to him ‘what lies have you told Llandudno Magistrates, this time to get a warrant?’

The Mob searched the house and outer buildings but as usual nothing found, duff information used to get a warrant again.

PC Parminter and his informant gave false information to Llandudno Magistrates again and once again the magistrates were duped.

PC Parminter






This warrant was issued on June 4th 1996






Not one member of The Mob that came to my house that day could apologise to me or my wife for the inconvenience and disruption to our family that was created on that day.

The magistrates should be more careful when giving out warrants to The Mob, but The Mob know exactly what they are doing, trying to give me a bad name in the community by spreading rumours, if you throw enough mud, it sticks.

Once again more of the public’s money has been wasted and for the same result…nothing found.